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In developing our industry research and analysis we use Lafferty Group's highly acclaimed methodology that examines:

  • Key primary national and international sources including central banks, bank associations, and national statistics divisions;
  • Data from key players within the industry, including annual reports and investor presentations; and
  • Secondary sources to assist with data gaps caused by the private or confidential nature of certain information.

We confirm this research and identify market splits through in-depth, exclusive interviews with senior industry executives and experts to produce authoritative intelligence combining the latest data with clear, objective analysis. Our role as a leading provider of information to the industry accords privileged access to people others can't reach.


Recent market updates:

  • Japan
  • Hong Kong
  • Lebanon
  • Canada
  • USA

  • Unique databases, case study-based market intelligence reports, plus essential industry news:

  • Cards and Payments
  • Digital Payments